Biostatistics Group

The Biostatistics Group provides experimental design and statistical analysis support.

  • Experimental design consultation
  • Development of novel statistical analysis methods
  • Statistical analysis of behavioral or other complex data sets
  • Generation of figures for presentation and publication
  • Composition of biostatistics methodology sections for grant proposals and publications
  • Conduct seminars and workshops on biostatistics

Advancing the Mission of Gladstone

During its first 2 years, the Bioinformatics Core performed biostatistical analysis for many Gladstone and UCSF investigators. Additionally, we have written statistical sections of several grant proposals and consulted with many investigators on statistical analysis. In October 2009, we conducted a biostatistics mini-workshop for postdocs and graduate students. We plan to offer semi-annual biostatistics training to Gladstone staff and are in conversations with Gladstone investigators and postdoctoral fellows regarding the format and content of those workshops.

Personnel and Expertise

Kirsten Eilertson, PhD will be joining the Biostatistics Group in June. She has recently completed a PhD in Statistics at Cornell where her research has focused on developing generalized linear mixed models for identifying genes under selection. She has also developed methods for analyzing proteomics data. At Gladstone, Kirsten will be taking the lead on assisting investigators with experimental design and analysis of complex data sets.